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1. RTI Manuals-Index
2. Chapter-1- SECTION 4(1)(b)
3. Chapter-2- SECTION 4(1)(b)(i)
Particulars of Organisation, Functions and Duties
4. Chapter-3- SECTION 4(b)(ii)
Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
5. Chapter-4- SECTION 4(b)(v)
Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual and Records, for Discharging Functions
6. Chapter-5- SECTION 4(b)(vii)
Particulars of any Arrangement that Exists for Consultation
7. Chapter-6- SECTION 4(1)(b)(vi)
A Statement of the Categories of Documents that are Held by it or Under its Control
8. Chapter-7- SECTION 4(1)(b)(viii)
A Statement of board, Councils, Committees, and other bodies Constituted as its part.
9. Chapter-8- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xvi)
The Names, Designations and other Particulars of the Public Information Officers
10. Chapter-9- SECTION (b)(iii)
Procedure followed in Decision making process.
11. Chapter-10- SECTION 4(1)(b)(ix)
Directory of Officers and Employees
12. Chapter-11- SECTION 4(1)(b)(x)
The Monthly Remuneration Received by each of its Officers and Employees
13. Chapter-12- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xi)
Particulars all Plans, Proposed Expenditure and Report on Disbursement Made.
14. Chapter-13- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xiii)
The Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programme
15. Chapter-14- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xiii)
Particulars of Recipients of concessions, permits or authorisation granted by it
16. Chapter-15- SECTION 4(1)(b)(iv)
Norms set by it for the Discharge of its Functions
17. Chapter-16- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xiv)
Information available in an electronic form
18. Chapter-17- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xv)
Particulars of the Facilities Available to Citizens for Obtaining Information
19. Chapter-18- SECTION 4(1)(b)(xvii)
Other Useful Information

First Appellate Authority:

Thiru. S. Manickadeepan, PS to LG

Office: +91-413-2332301
Mobile: +91-
Fax: +91-413-2334025
Email: pstolg.py@gov.in

Public Information Officer:

Thiru. V. Srikanthan, Superintendent

Office: +91-413-2337144
Mobile: +91-9042409582
Fax: +91-413-2334025
Email: pstolg.py@gov.in

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Publicity and Public Interface
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