Raj Nivas - Puducherry

‘Le Palais du Gouveneur now called Raj Nivas is surrounded by Rue Jawaharlal Nehru on the north, Rue Rangapoulle on the south Rue Saint Louis on the east and Rue Francois Martin on the west with access from north and south. The Governor's palace has a history of its own, Dumas laid the foundation for a Governor’s Palace in 1735. But the palace had to wait for the arrival of Dupleix to see its complete shape. When Law de Lauriston took over Pondicherry in April 1765 the town was completely in ruins. Within a short span of three years a whole new town sprang up on the ruins of the old-the Governor's palace and the administrative offices on the north, the warehouses on the south, the military barracks on the east and the west. The new palace for the Governor was built on the former site of Hotel de la Compagnie which is the origin of the present Raj Nivas. The Raj Nivas is a rectangular, single storied structure running east to west with porticos on either side flanked by two other rectangular wings on the east and west. It was later converted into a double storied palace. Much later the southern verandahs were subsequently widened, and its frontage was beautified and given a face lift. Since southern gate has been the official entrance of the Raj Nivas. The Governor's House provides accommodation for state guests as well as personal guests of the Governor and these guest rooms are named after the various enclaves, namely Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.
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