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Toll Free : 1912-Power Cut and Power Disaster       1070-Natural Calamities like Flood/Cyclone rescue Complaints (Complaints on civic amenities)       1077-Natural calamities like flood/cyclone rescue complaints       108-Emergency Ambulance Service       100-Police Emergency       1031-Crime Related Complaints (Will Be Kept Confidential)       1073-Traffic Related Complaints       1091-Women Complaints       1093-Coastal Police Emergency Assistance       101-Fire/Flood/Disaster/Cyclone Related Complaints

About Raj Nivas

Le Palais du Gouvemeur' now called 'Raj Nivas' is situated surrounded by Rue Jawaharlal Nehru on the north, Rue Rangapoulle on the south and Rue Saint Louis on the east and Rue Francois Martin on the west with access from north and south. The Governor's palace has a history of its own, Dumas laid the foundation for a Governors Palace in 1735. But the palace had to wait for the arrival of Dupleix to see its complete shape.
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What's New
Hon'ble Lt. Governor's visit to Thiruvalluvar Govt.Girls Hr. Secondary School, Puducherry
Hon'ble Lt. Governor attending Chennai International youth Fest 2017
Weekend Morning Round 99 - Swachh Puducherry visit to Velrampet Lake
Yoga Learning at Rajnivas
Hon'ble Lt. Governor attending Launch of Multi-disciplinary Day Care De-addiction Services at Jipmer
Weekend Morning Round 99 - Swachh Puducherry visit to Velrampet Lake - 20th August 2017
Hon'ble Lt. Governor prior to the weekend morning round undertook a surprise visit of the Puducherry city late night around mid night - 19th August 2017
Interfaith Prayer for Nation Building with a focus on Swachhta, environment, health, peace and harmony - 14th August 2017
Hon'ble Lt. Governor visited Puducherry Airport to review the cleanliness aspects and plantation scheme for far carried out in the Airport as part of the 97th Weekend Swachh Round - 5th August 2017
Clarification regarding the work of dredging the river mouth of Puducherry Fishing Harbour - 4th August 2017


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